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Psychometric Assessments Explained

The term Psychometric comes from two Greek words, psyche and metric, which when literally translated mean 'the measurement of mind'. These assessments are used to assess a candidate's skills, behavior, personality traits, and cognitive abilities. There are three main areas that the tests explore: one's capabilities, aptitude for the job, and if their personality matches with the vision of the organization they are hoping to join. Psychometric tests are standardized tests designed by psychologists to measure mental performance that help identify one's potential and personality. The psychometric assessments are used to enhance a decision-making process, identify the developmental needs, and aid the evaluator with information that could help him/her assess the individual based on the set criteria. These tests are very reliable in predicting candidates' performance, and in most cases the test report provides an accurate evaluation of the applicant and helps filter from a large pool of candidates. The two types of psychometric assessments at Wheebox are:

Cognitive Ability tests

The cognitive ability test assesses the mental ability of an individual that involves reasoning, perception, memory, verbal, mathematical, and problem-solving ability. Such tests contain questions that are designed to estimate an individual's potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems or acquire new knowledge. Traditionally, the cognitive ability test has one correct answer to a problem which is added up to the score that represents a measure of mental
ability in an individual.

Personality tests

A personality test identifies the most important way in which an individual differs from the infinite dimension of possible differences. The one key function of personality test is to measure aspects such as emotional adjustment, social relations, and interest in an individual which allows people to understand how an individual thinks and would react in certain situation. Therefore, the personality tests can provide the organizations with a big picture of the job applicant and the other information gathered from interviews and references.

Use of Psychometric Tests They are used as a part of the recruitment or selection process and also for competency development to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable applicants for job or promotion. Many organizations choose to use this tool to give all candidates an equal opportunity for demonstrating their abilities. Psychometric tests offer a fair way of comparing different people's strengths, regardless their educational background or previous work experience. These tests help make the hiring process stress-free, bias-free, and error-free.

Different Applications of Psychometric Assessments

Corporate Recruitment & Hiring

Be it up-skilling the workforce or hiring new people, Psychometric Assessments help assess the personality traits and behaviors.


Finding the right fits for the right job roles becomes easier with Wheebox's Psychometric Tests. One can identify and determine leadership skills, behavioral aspects, and Cognitive Abilities with these assessments.

Learning and Development

These assessments also help in the development of workforce by allowing trainers to build a talent pool based on the results of the test and train workforces for the apt skills and abilities.

Key Areas Indicate

Areas of Expertise

Determine a candidate's key characteristics that would identify their cultural and physical job performance and adaptability

Areas of Improvement

Determine where and where not a candidate should work, which areas suit them the best and which don't suit them at all.

Values & Emotions

Identify a candidate's behavioral and emotional aspects in extreme, as well as normal, situations.

Types of Psychometric Tests by Wheebox:

COMPASS Managerial Test

Format: MCQ, Non Adaptive
Level: Basic
Language: English
Time: 30 Minutes

Managerial Competency profile (MAP)

Format: MCQ, Non Adaptive
Level: Basic
Language: English
Time: 50 Minutes

iPad cover
Leadership Competency Index

Format: MCQ, Non Adaptive
Level: Basic
Language: English
Time: 45 Minutes

SALT - 4/8

Format: MCQ, Non Adaptive
Level: Basic
Language: English
Time: 30 Minutes

How do the Wheebox Psychometric Assessments Help?

Wheebox Psychometric Assessments enable organizations and institutions to hire the best fits for them in all aspects. The assessments come with complete reliability and validity. These tests help enable accurate work decisions and additionally, they provide insights into a candidate's personality, helping in employee development.
Wheebox Psychometric Assessments aid recruitment processes by ensuring that all candidates are treated fairly and measured against a common yardstick. It also helps to ensure a common language for assessment standards throughout an organization, match people to jobs, identify individual capabilities, and predict on-the-job performance. This leads to substantial gains for an organization in terms of increased output and efficiency, better quality staff, higher morale, more effective performance, lower training costs, and reduced turnover. The Wheebox Psychometric Assessments help:

Reduce Attrition Rate to
less than 6%

Increase Employability Score
to more than 60%

Improve Employee Engagement
by 2X

Increase Turnaround Time
by 45%

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychometric Assessments

A psychometric test is an assessment conducted in order to evaluate and measure candidate's performances, skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and job/academic potential.
Psychometric assessments encompass two categories:
  • Aptitude tests are used to measure a candidate's cognitive abilities.
  • Personality tests measure a candidate's suitability for a role by exploring interests, values and behaviors.
Psychometric assessments aim to provide measurable & objective data that can provide a better, all-round view of candidate's suitability. Some organizations often prefer Psychometric Testing as a way of screening large amounts of candidates at the start of a recruitment drive.
Psychometric tests are useful in every part of an employee's work life-cycle. They help measure and determine the skills of employees in terms of competencies in terms of with business objectives.

Psychometric tests determine specific behavioral traits and provide a more holistic view of a candidate's personality. They are used in recruitment to hire the best fits for an organization and make development programs useful and engaging.
Psychometric tests are used for Recruitment, Campus Hiring, and Workforce Development.
For insights into candidate's mental capabilities and behavioral styles, organizations should go for Psychometric Assessments.
The outcome of psychometric testing helps go deep into candidate's behavioral and cognitive aspects, difficult to decipher during face-to-face interviews. They are extremely helpful in potential talent recruitment, workforce development and retention activities.


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