Wheebox Advanced Remote Proctoring Suite is fortified with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Services, to conduct secure and scalable high-stake virtual remote proctored examinations. The Suite is integrated with REST and REST APIs that helps institutions to integrate the suite seamlessly with their existing platforms and applications.

Remote Proctoring allows Academic institutions, Organizations, and Test Prep Companies to provide assessment anytime anywhere while ensuring full security standards. Candidates can now take assessments from their home with convenient, affordable and security compliant to testing integrity.

Wheebox Remote Proctoring Solution

Wheebox brings to you a Remote Proctoring Solution that is highly Safe and Secure. Powered by AI, it is a fully automated system that ensures same rigor and monitoring as Offline Exams. Conduct error-free and cheat-free Examinations and Assessments remotely from any location.

Remote Proctoring as A Service (RPaaS)

More students are now studying online than ever before. One reality that educators are recognizing is that assessment is a key component of eLearning. COVID-19 has affected many academic institutions, driving them to implement their academic continuity strategies and Academic Institutions need to conduct an assessment with their existing digital infrastructure of LMS and Assessment Solutions. Realizing the requirement of securing assessment, Wheebox introduces Remote Proctoring as a Services offering affordable, reliable, and secured service to make your examination Cheat Proof and maintain Academic continuity.

Supercharge Your Assessments By Integrating Remote Proctoring in LMS/LTI Compliant Apps

Remote Proctoring can be integrated easily in an existing application, assessment platform, or LTI compliant apps from any of the Method

Wheebox RPaaS Light

Integrate Proctoring in your solution in 1 day and making your assessments / Certifications Safer and Secured. This integration is suited for certification platforms or many other LTI compliant applications like Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai.

Wheebox RPaaS Deep Integration

Wheebox RPaaS Deep Integration APIs can be integrated with the 3rd Party assessment platforms or LMS and gives you full control on your assessments. This Integration is suited for Test Administrators who want to have control on the proctoring outcomes. API based integration enabled the customisation of Wheebox Proctoring engine using their exiting assessment infrastructure and UI / UX Layouts.

Features of RPaaS


Remote Proctoring as a service offers live stream, Screenshot of Malpractices in exam, Object Detection and full logs of activity flagged by proctors.


Wheebox Remote Proctoring Service Integrates easily into third-party technologies ATS, LMS and Assessment Solutions with a clean and simple interface.


Helps exam administrators identify at-risk students for proactive intervention by checking and reviewing candidates with AI Calculed Proctor Score.

Prevent Impersonation

On Demand Physical / Automated Approvers to physically check the IDs and match with candidate photographs.

Managed Service with Certified Proctors

Makes the examination experience more personal, efficient, secured & decreases administrative burden to track and manage proctoring with managed offering of Wheebox Certified Proctors.

Automated and Human Proctors

Wheebox Remote Proctoring physical proctors as well as automated proctoring to offer Proctoring as a managed service to safeguard your existing assessment Infrastructure.

Managed Service with Certified Proctors

Comprehensive and detailed analytics for all the candidates with Problematic Images are filtered and highlighted to maintain academic integrity to conduct your examination with confidence.

Environment Check

Check the system readiness by checking the camera, microphone, browser and internet speed.

Auto proctoring is an AI-based automated proctoring technology. It uses feeds from webcam and microphone in the student's device.

Features of Auto Proctored Examination

1. Automated Proctoring using AI Technology to monitor exams.

2. Flagging/Capturing of Test Window using Machine Learning Algorithms.

3. Wheebox AI identifies foreign object on screen apart from registered face viz. Mobile phone, Books, Unnecessary gadgets to avoid using malpractice during the exam.

4. Wheebox AI based proctoring solution also checks the facial features using advance face recognition tools.


Monitoring Of Assessments By Live Proctors With Image And Video Features


Candidate needs to sit properly and face the webcam. Using Artificial Intelligence automated warnings are displayed to candidates in case of improper posture, out of camera width, use of objects or someone else if available with the candidate or even a proxy candidate takes seat during an exam.

If found cheating or malpractice the AI based system will pause the test (Test screen will not be visible) and send alerts to user with a limited amount of time to rectify. In case similar set of mistakes are found by AI based warning systems the test will be terminate automatedly and it will be reported in Incident report.

Online Remote Proctored Assessment Of Examinations


Wheebox AI identifies foreign object on screen apart from registered face viz. Mobile phone, Books, Unnecessary gadgets to avoid using malpractice during the exam.

Wheebox AI based proctoring solution also checks the facial features using advance face recognition tools, where it keeps tracking the student's face with registered and approved student image by the approver. It pauses the exam, whenever it finds the bonafide student is not present and may terminate the exam, after a few warnings or give stipulated time to rectify.

Monitoring Of Assessments By Live Proctors With Image And Video Features


Largely integrated Web cameras do not provide 360 degree view of candidate premises or surrounding. Room Scan feature enables a 360 degree view of candidate surrounding and is activated by the virtual proctors when they want to have 360 degree visibility of the room of the candidate to access and scan candidate's room for malpractice. Room Scan can also be activated during candidate approval process on client demand.

Online Remote Proctored Assessment Of Examinations


Wheebox AI identifies noise detection after certain allowed decibels. Noise detection alerts are shown to candidate as well the proctors, Proctors can activate Live screening and see video and hear noise and if found unnecessary noise around candidate they can pause, alert or initiate room scan to have better visibility of candidate's premises during the test.

Automated face tracking to prevent any sort of objectionable activities during exams. The test experience is controlled by prevention of navigation outside the test window.

Proctoring Features - Safe, Secured and Fortified with Microsoft Cognitive Services

  • Face Tracking: Facial movements are tracked to prevent any sort of objectionable activities during exams.

  • Live Stream: The proctor can witness whatever students are doing while attending examinations through a live feed.

  • Face Recognition: An AI-based process wherein images of students are captured before attending exams and if any proxy is found, it is matched with the initial image that was captured.

  • On-Demand Proctors: Certified Proctors can be assigned on demand to ensure secured exam environments.

  • 360 Degree Room Scan: Provides complete control to the remote proctor to not only view candidate's desktop, but also enables 360 degree monitoring of candidate's premises after taking due permissions without any intrusion to candidate's privacy.

  • Object and Noise Detection: Unidentified objects and noises can be detected through Microsoft Cognitive AI services.

  • Typing DNA: Risks of malpractices can be authenticated and prevented by recognizing the typing DNA of students through AI.

  • Auto ID Card-Based Authentication: ID Cards of students are auto-approved with AI.

  • Many students are located at remote locations and may not have a laptop, but will surely have a mobile phone. Online examinations on mobile provides educational institutions a hassle-free and cheat proof examination experience.

    Features of AI Powered Mobile Proctored Examination

    1. Authentication Phone Camera can be used for high-quality portraits and ID Scans for facial confirmation for Test.

    2. Supports a variety of Question Formats Supports MCQs, Subjective and Interview Type Question for 360 degree evaluation and feedback.

    3. Automated AI Powered Warnings Face Recognition and AI algorithm to detect exam malpractices. Infused with Automated AI based warning for cheat proof examinations, which detects attempt for cheating like No Face, Multiple Face and Foreign Object Detection.

    4. Digitize Pen and Paper Based Exam Facility to upload scanned images of answers, diagrams and graphs for bringing the same experience of a paper based examination.

    5. Viva Interview Conduct viva/video interviews.


    Online Evaluation Of Marks With Integration Of Your API

    360 Degree Room Scan

    Room Scan enables 360 degree view of candidate surrounding and activated by the proctors when to have 360 degree visibility of the candidate premises to scan for malpractice.

    Integration Of Your API To Our Existing ERP Software For Evaluating Marks

    Noise detection using AI Services

    Wheebox AI identifies noise detection after certain allowed decibels. Noise detection alerts are shown to candidate as well the proctors.

    Online Evaluation Of Marks With Integration Of Your API

    Student Authentication and Approval

    Physical approvers eliminate any risk of impersonation using two factor authentication process.

    Integration Of Your API To Our Existing ERP Software For Evaluating Marks

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

    Wheebox uses Microsoft Cognitive AI Services for Face Recognition, Object Identification and own AI Services viz. Face Tracking, and Voice Tracking Services.

    Conduct Your Online Examinations To Ensure Academic Continuity

    Advanced Remote Proctoring Tools

    Physical remote proctor monitors and manages exam sanctity using Wheebox advance remote proctoring tools viz. Face tracking, desktop control, 360-degree view, audio and student proxy check.

    Insights About The Students & College's Growth

    Wheebox Safe Exam Browser

    Wheebox Safe Exam Browser ensures that candidates are locked to the exam browser and can not share screen or desktop with others using any screen share services and prohibits any screen projection.

    Create Subjective Tests Of Any Type Online Using Our Customize Editor

    Data Security and Storage of Records

    Wheebox remote proctoring services offer end to end encrypted data security including image, question bank, result and any log that is created during the exam. Institutions may refer to the data for responding to RTI or for student privacy issues.

    Enabling Students To Upload A Handwritten Answer Sheet Through Webcam Or A Mobile Phone Camera

    Wheebox Certified Proctors

    Wheebox has hundreds of Certified Physical Proctors who are certified to use and manage our applications. The Proctors are trained to manage and control any malpractice found during the high-stake exams.

    Data Security is very integral to us!

    We take data security very seriously. To ensure information privacy and data security at every stage of the examination/assessment process, we have adopted stringent
    policies and extensive protocols. We assure you the safety and security
    of all online examinations and assessments.

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