TestNow Candidate Support

In case of any help required reach out to support@wheebox.com or +91120-6740105

You would have received an email with all the details and your login credentials for the exam. You can also log in using a QR code if you have received a QR code in the email.
Check Spam or Junk folder.
Click on Forgot Password. Enter your email id and the password will be shared with you.
Check the ID and password. Type the password manually instead of copy-pasting. In case if you are still not able to log in, please close the application and start again.
Please relaunch the application and enter the id and password again.
Don't close the test window/kill the application or responses will not be saved.
Please launch the application and enter the credentials again
Please call our Helpline number for Technical Assistance. It may take a while for your call to be answered. We appreciate your patience.
No Test has been assigned to you. You will see a Test once it has been assigned to you.
Go to the application setting and allow microphone access.
Go to the application setting and allow the access for camera.
Click the camera icon on the bottom and upload all your answer sheet one by one in a single attempt.
It will be activated once the waiting period of 30 seconds is over.
You have successfully submitted the test.
There is a flag icon on the question. You can always flag and review your responses later before submission.
These are the warnings generated and define you may be attempting cheating while taking the test. Please sit straight and take your test.